Jiro Dreams of SAOSHI [THIS FRIDAY 10/4 at 7 PM – SCI 199]

Jiro Dreams of SAOSHI 

Come watch the critically acclaimed documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi (Trailer), an inspiring film about Jiro Ono, an 85 year old sushi master and owner of a Michelin three star restaurant, and follow his quest to perfect the art of sushi. ALL WHILE MAKING SUSHI. That’s right! SAO will provide sushi making basics- rice, seaweed, imitation crab meat, avocado and more! As you watch Jiro on the big screen of Sci 199, you too can follow his techniques to make the Best. Sushi. Ever! All you need to do is RSVP at this link ASAP!

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2 thoughts on “Jiro Dreams of SAOSHI [THIS FRIDAY 10/4 at 7 PM – SCI 199]

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