High School Conversations Fall 2008

High School Conversations, a project involving SAO, HAN, and Deshi held their first big event on Saturday, November 22, 2008.  Swarthmore students met high school students from Bodine High School for International Affairs and Central High School of Philadelphia.  38 high school students came onto the campus to create bonds with college students and learn about college opportunities.

Guest speakers included Dean Rafael Zapata, Director of the Intercultural Center at Swarthmore College and Andrea Pien ’08, Admissions Counselor.

The day included a tour of the campus, lunch at Sharples, an information session about the Intercultural Center and the Gates Millennium Scholars Program with Dean Zapata, an information session about Swarthmore College and colleges in general with Andrea, a presentation from the high school students to Swatties, and a Swattie student panel for the high school students.

Thanks sooooooo much to Ms. Gina Hart, Bodine’s Asian Club sponsor, and Professor Sonia Lee, Visiting History Professor, for their invaluable help and advice in the planning of this event!

Funded by Swarthmore Foundation and Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Future projects involving SAO, HAN, Deshi and the high schools will continue in Spring 2009!

Local Press:

The Phoenix: “‘Conversations’ reaches out to mentor and aid Asian students”

Daily Gazette: “Swatties Host High School Asian Club for Conversations”

For more information, please contact the SAO board at sao@sccs.swarthmore.edu

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