SAO Fall 2008 Election Platforms



Cathy Ng:

I am interested in becoming the co-president of SAO next semester. I’ve been an active board member for the last two year and have grown quite attached to the wonderful individuals who make this organization. My past experience in SAO includes holding the social chair for the previous two semesters and, currently, treasurer. During my time as social chair, I was responsible for facilitating several open meetings (i.e. affirmative action, intersections of racial identity and sexuality) and coordinating events that strengthened SAO’s relationships with IC/BCC as well as the rest of campus (i.e. student/staff/faculty luncheons, campus parties API/A events, etc.) In addition, I have been organizing a workshop that helps Asian/Asian-American women become more assertive in the classroom for the last two years, and have developed close relationships with the coordinators, the participants, as well as faculty and administration who support our cause. I realize that while everyone may not be involved in SAO, I continue dialogues advocating that we are a space for those who come, and encourage everyone should be more commited to see it become the place they want it to be. I feel that the ability to unite communities, empower individuals, and remain open-minded are all essential components for a strong leader. These are certainly assets that I will bring as the president of SAO.

Vivienne Layne:

SAO has been an integral part of my growth and development here at Swarthmore and has given me an Asian American community. I want to help lead SAO as co-President with Cathy and for the group to continue in its social, educational and political aspects and to stay a safe space for Asian Swatties. I have been involved with SAO since my freshman year, first as Inter-Group liaison and now as Political Chair. I’ve gained experience in writing proposals, working with other Board Members, collaborating with faculty, speaking to administration members and matching up Big Sibs with Little Sibs. I am confident that Cathy and I will work well together as co-Presidents. I hope that you will vote for me as SAO co-President.


Hello everyone,

My name is James Mao ’12, and I am running to be your SAO Treasurer for the upcoming semester. As treasurer my job will be to make sure all our financial details are in order. This includes staying in the good graces of the Student Budget Committee (SBC), keeping the SAO budget up to date, and making sure the Board is fully aware of our monetary status. I believe I have the inside track as far as meeting the prerequisites to complete these specifications goes. Not insignificant is the fact that the dominant powers in the SBC—Fletcher Coleman and Paul Apollo—reside in my hall, potentially making the funding process that much easier. It doesn’t hurt that I have had experience facing the SBC at their weekly meetings in my time as SAO First-Year Intern this fall semester. Being a First-Year Intern, in fact, has familiarized me with both SAO’s decision-making process and SAO’s (on occasion) lovely board members, which will definitely make communication within and out of the Board incredibly smooth. Most importantly, I have a head for numbers, being an unabashedly avid fan of basketball statistics. This obsession extends to green power as well—I am always aware who owes me money (my roommate, for example, owes me $12) and who I owe money to (I will take care of a Thanksgiving-related $23 debt to a high school friend after I send this platform in). You will be in experienced and capable hands with myself as your SAO Treasurer, and we will never be lacking in money for more SAO love.

Political Chair

John Dinh:

As the political chair, I feel that one of my biggest priorities would be to organize the luncheon for students and staff. I have had some experience with the luncheon this year by working with Arthur and Erin on the food run. Also, I’ve had much experience with keeping up the image of an organization. I feel as political chair, I will be able to promote SAO and make sure that it remains in good standing with other organizations. Lastly, as Political Chair, I will actively run the blog. Like, forrealzies.


Angela Meng

As a candidate for co-publicity chair, I hope to continue Swarthmore Asian Organization’s awesome level of publicity in the Swarthmore community. In my first semester at Swarthmore, I really appreciated how SAO was very welcoming to freshmen and with the emailing list, I have been consistently updated on interesting upcoming events on and off campus. I want to run for this position because I would like to become more involved in SAO and contribute to SAO’s upcoming plans for next year. SAO’s friendliness and openness are definitely great attributes that I hope to continue and maintain on SAO board. Furthermore, I would like to build upon SAO’s assets and improve the student body’s access to SAO events and meetings. My ideas for expanding SAO’s publicity include posting major events on the reserved students’ digest, updating the SAO board in Parrish every other week, and creating more events on Facebook. Furthermore, I think that there is a degree of mystery surrounding the club for the general student body since the club is closed. As co-publicity chair, I would like to host more open events to encourage more transparency and knowledge of our club; for instance, a Parrish parlor party to both celebrate a holiday (such as Chinese New Year) and increase campus awareness. I also think that my personal attributes facilitate my role as co-publicity chair. I am a very hands-on person who is always receptive to comments, requests, and feedback. While I cannot claim to have a lot of leadership experience here at Swarthmore, I’m definitely willing to learn and work diligently to fulfill my role on SAO board. If I am elected as SAO’s co-publicity chair, I will continue and improve SAO’s publicity and contribute to its overarching vision for the future.


Sara Kim

I have been involved with SAO since freshman year, beginning with the Big Sib/Little Sib program. Over time, I wanted to get more involved with the organization and took the initiative to run for secretary last year. Having served on board has definitely enabled me to learn a lot about SAO’s role on campus. Now, I feel a lot more comfortable having had some experience, giving me the confidence to not only follow but also initiate things. Just this year, I was one of the organizers of a speaking workshop for Asian/Asian-American women.

Looking at the charter made me realize that there were some areas I lacked as secretary, so I hope to improve and expand the role I play in the organization if I am elected again. I also think my organizational skill is a plus J

1st Year Intern

Ivana Ng:

I am applying for the position of first-year intern, because I want to get more involved with SAO and learn the ins and outs of the organization. As a 1st year intern and a liason for the class of 2012, I’d work to recruit more members, particularly freshmen, through fun events like movie nights, potlucks, panel discussions on issues affecting APIs (e.g. Asians in Media: TV, Film, Journalism; The “Model Minority”). I’d also like to see SAO work with other groups in the Intercultural Center, such as ENLACE, DESHI, MULTI, SQU, etc., as well as the Black Cultural Center.

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