RECAP: Summer Opportunities

In case you didn’t make it to our meeting Tuesday night about summer opportunities, here are just some of the points we discussed

  • Network, Network, Network; Find others and use your current connections to seek out people who need help or have positions open.
  • Professors are your friends, get to know them because you’re going to need them for applications.  Also, they might have connections or their own projects for you to work on over the summer.
  • Consider an unpaid internship, you can build experience over the summer in a field you like.  If you’re an upperclassmen, check out the Lang center for grants.
  • Be open to new experiences or mundane jobs, all of your experiences are going to be learning experiences so make the most of them.
  • Swarthmore has a wonderful Career Services Office, use the alumni database to find alumni and contact them for possibilities.
  • There are a lot more tips, if you need any help or would like a handout Toby gave out during the meeting, contact Toby Wu.


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