Asian FAIL Meeting

Asian fail: (v) Getting a B+ or less in any class, particularly math, usually resulting in massive asswhupping by angry Asian parents.

Whether you’ve been yelled at for that B you got on your Report Card (see
) or not, as Asians in America we have all been encountered the perceived notion that Asian parents confer higher standards of success on their children than other parents. At Tuesday’s SAO General Meeting we will examine this notion on a deeper level. What is “Asian fail” and how did it come about? Is their any validity to this notion? And regardless, how does this perceived notion play out for us in our daily lives or for the Asian American community at large? To discuss and share your thoughts, experiences and/or scars come to the Big IC Room this Tuesday April 13, at 9 PM. 

-<3 SAOLove

One thought on “Asian FAIL Meeting”

  1. Ni Hao he looks like me how cool,
    Its OK to get a b but always work hard to strive to get A+ which is a good think.
    It’s always OK to think positive in any situation no matter what arises in life.
    And its good to have a mind eager to learn.

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