SAO Board Platforms

The election meeting for newly available SAO Board positions will be this Tuesday, April 20 at 9 PM in the Big IC Room.

The platforms for the candidates are as follows:

Publicity Chair (1)

1. Calvin Ho ’11

Hello SAO peeps! My name is Calvin Ho ’11 and I want to be your next Publicity Co-Chair. I realize that I haven’t met a lot of you, and that I haven’t shown up to meetings all year, but I hope that being abroad (first in Argentina, now in Taiwan) is a good enough alibi.

I feel that I would make a great Publicity Co-Chair because I have plenty of experience with group/event publicity. I run the Swarthmore Migration Project Twitter feed (@swatmigration), in which I spread news about the immigration reform movement to activists and other interested Twitter users. Over the past few months, I have built up a solid follower base of over 300 users. As Publicity Co-Chair, I hope to use the SAO Twitter account to spread news about APIA news and events, not just to the campus but also to the rest of the world. This would give SAO a greater voice in the national APIA community and help us make connections with groups and individuals in the area. Reaching out beyond the campus community also makes it easier to keep track of off-campus events and conferences, one of the responsibilities of the Publicity Co-Chair. 

I also have a lot of experience in working with SAO to plan events. When I was a Multicultural Recruitment Intern for the Admissions Office, I worked with SAO and Admissions to plan meetings and socials for Discovery Weekend and Ride the Tide. 

I hope you’ll consider me for this position. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop me an e-mail (cho1). I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

2. Eric Chang ’13

Hi! My name is Eric Chang, and I’m currently a freshman/rising sophomore. I would like to run for Publicity Co-Chair.
This year, I’ve helped SAO with many forms of advertisement and communication- the APIA month calendar, Wong-Fu fliers, and High School Conversation’s fliers. I find that this method of visual broadcasting is incredibly important and vital to the community presence at SAO’s events. People do not necessarily read RSD or emails carefully, but striking posters for events can definitely attract attention and more importantly, attendance.
I would definitely be interested in continuing this form of broadcasting, not only with on-campus advertisements but also through online venues such as SAO’s website, blog, and facebook. I have experience working with programs such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver, which would help facilitate these tasks.
Additionally, I have worked with external organizations in the past such as KIVA. Although I have not done so this year, I would work to establish a similar relationship with other APIA organizations in the area, and more importantly, raise awareness about these programs.
Thanks again for considering me! I really appreciate it.

Intergroup Liaison (2)

1. Judy Diep ’13

Hey guys,

For those of you who don’t know, I’m Judy Diep and I am running for Intergroup Liasion. This position is important to me because I want to help improve communication between SAO and other IC groups as well as other organizations on campus. As a first-year intern for these past two semesters, I have seen how SAO operates and the wide variety of events that we coordinate. However, there are times that our events have collided with other organizations. Although we were fortunate enough to be able to fix these conflicts, I hope that we can avoid these conflicts in the future. 

I believe I am a strong candidate because I have already been attending IC/BCC coalition meetings this past semester and establishing relations with leaders of other IC groups. As a potential Intergroup Liasion, I hope that I can help organize events in collaboration with other IC groups, even with groups that do not identify as APIAs. I also hope to push SAO to be more represented in Student Council so we can have a more prominent voice in the administration and other matters on campus.

Additionally, I believe it is very important for SAO to have a diverse attendance for all of our events. Thus, for this semester, I have been trying to push my non-APIA friends to attend our events. I hope to continue this and help push for other IC groups to show up to SAO events to support us. In addition, I also hope that in return, SAO will also attend their events. Overall, I want to be able to establish a stronger IC community at Swarthmore. 

Thank you!

2. Victoria Pang ’13

Hey everybody! My name is Victoria Pang and I’m running for SAO Board Intergroup Liaison.

As a First-Year Intern on the Executive Board this past year, I have experienced the ups-and-downs of planning for APIA month (mostly ups of course!) and attended and staffed many social, academic, and advertising events. I’ve also put a lot of time and energy into working with “High School Conversations,” an outreach program focused on college access and mentorship for Bodine High School students. I’ve found all of my work with SAO Board this year to be extremely enjoyable and rewarding.

As Intergroup Liaison, I would communicate not only with groups in the ICC here at Swarthmore, but also with Haverford, Bryn Mawr, and UPenn. My experience working as a coordinator for “High School Conversations” has enabled me to establish contacts with the Co-Presidents of both Haverford and Bryn Mawr’s ASAs as well as members of Penn’s ASA. 

This past semester, I worked as a liaison between SAO and Multi for a film screening for APIA Month of short films by Kip Fulbeck called, “100% Hapa.” Planning this event was a valuable experience because it enabled me to communicate effectively between groups, to participate in joint-advertising, and to have the experience of serving as the point-person between the two.

As Intergroup Liaison, I would make it my duty to ensure that SAO events, especially events for APIA Month, do not conflict with the events of other groups on campus or major Tri-Co performances. I would do so by keeping in contact with the leaders of active groups, primarily by emailing them the tentative dates for our largest events well ahead of time to prevent conflicts.

One of my ideas for the Intergroup Liaison position is to work with the Co-Presidents and Social Chair to create a calendar of tentative events that I can share with other groups on campus. Groups could refer to this calendar (which I would update regularly) when scheduling their own major campus-wide events. In turn, I would keep track of any calendars of those groups to make the process reciprocal. This year, several events on campus conflicted with SAO performances or screenings. I would do my best to ensure that the time SAO Board members spend planning is not wasted due to often avoidable scheduling conflicts. As Intergroup Liaison, limiting these conflicts would be my top priority.

Last semester, I initially met with Tri-Co ASA leaders at a dinner at Bryn Mawr, and later established regular contacts with them through “High School Conversations.” I also attended the APIA-U conference at Penn, which was a valuable networking opportunity to meet with representatives from OCA. As Intergroup Liaison, I would encourage others to attend events like APIA-U and ECAASU because they are fun opportunities to gather ideas for future joint-projects and to understand the work of our peer groups.

I bring enthusiasm, energy, and time to SAO Board and I hope to make SAO more accessible to the rest of the campus in the capacity of Intergroup Liaison. This semester, I planned several General meetings ranging from a High School Conversations recruitment session to a discussion on APIA Literature. I would be more than willing to plan joint meetings with other groups in the ICC to provide opportunities for us to build bridges between our interests and strengthen SAO’s voice on campus.


Social Chairperson (1)

1. Ruben An ’13

Having been a first-year intern for SAO over these two past semesters, I
believe it is time I play a more proactive role in being a board
member. Through my internship, I am familiar with the inner-workings of
SAO. I know how to reach out to administrators and students on campus
and am familiar with all the components that go into planning a
successful event. I also feel that as a coordinator for High School
Conversations I have additional experience in group organizing. I also
feel I have worked diligently to promote SAO’s events to other groups on
campus and in the greater Tri-Co, whether it is publicizing SAO’s
activity at IC/BCC Coalition Meetings or putting up flyers for APIA
Month events at Bryn Mawr and Haverford with my own two hands.

As a Social Chair, I am committed to ensuring that everybody in SAO,
board members and general members alike, has a good time and builds
strong bonds with each other. Especially considering that there will be a
new class of APIA students on campus next year, I will try my best to
recruit new members and comfortably integrate them into the SAO family.

– ❤ SAOLove

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