Welcome (back)!

To the class of 2014, welcome to Swarthmore, and to the upperclassmen, welcome back! We’ve got an exciting series of meetings and events planned for this semester, so check this blog and follow us on Twitter to keep posted. General meetings are every Tuesday at 9 PM in the IC. SAO board meetings are on Sundays at 5 in the SAO room, followed by SAO dinner at 6 (meet at the top of Sharples).

This week’s happenings:

  • HAN Barbecue by the WRC at 6 PM today! If you’re in the big sib/little sib program, we’re meeting at 5 to stand in line, and then after dinner we’re off to play board games.
  • Friends of Taiwan – Swarthmore Dumpling Factory on Sunday from 3 to 5 in AP 1st lounge. RSVP to cchang1 by tonight if you want to join in on the dumpling making/eating fun!
  • Enlace is hosting Latino Heritage Month. Check the list of events (posted around campus) to see if there’s anything you’d like to go to.

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