Two events TODAY (Monday!)

Two events that you might be interested in…

1. “Presentation of Resources” – Latino Heritage Month
IC Big Room
5 PM – 6:30 PM (Correction: this event is tomorrow, 9/28)

Enlace is hosting a “presentation of resources” meeting as part of Latino Heritage Month (you should all check out their calendars and see if there are events you’d be interested in; most — if not all — of them are open!). This is an event open to the entire IC/BCC community (a.k.a. you), and will feature presenters from four of the resources available on campus: the Writing Associates, Career Services, the Dean’s Office, and the Lang Center. Freshmen, y’all should definitely go; not-freshmen, this is still a great opportunity to find out about the many opportunities for help/money on campus. Also, food.

2. “Checking the Box” — an IC/BCC Meeting

What does it is mean to be a part of a cultural/identity group at Swat in 2010?

An inclusive look from seniors to first years.

Open or Closed?
Why build coalitions?
Support based or Political?
How do we recognize the diversity within our groups?
Where’s the line between Safe spaces and exclusion?

Come to the Big IC room @ 7 pm -8 pm, Monday to discuss what is means to be a part of cultural/idenity groups at Swat.


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