Spring 2012 Board Members

Now since your former blogger, Kevin Terusaki, is Co-President, I, Shawn Kim, have now taken over control of the blog. With the beginning of the Spring 2012 semester is, excitingly, a NEW BOARD (mostly). We now have:
Shelly Wen – Co-President
Kevin Terusaki – Co-President
Wendy Xu – Secretary
Daniel Jung – Treasurer
Yuwen Wang – Social Chair
Shawn Kim – Publicity Co-chair
Dorothy Kim – Publicity Co-chair
Eric Oh – Political Chair
Allison King – Intergroup Liasion
Shivani Mantha – Intergroup Liasion
Ivana Ng – IC Intern
Judy Diep – IC Intern
Jeffrey Moore – First Year Intern
Michelle Yang – First Year Intern
David Lin – First Year Intern
Steven Gu – First Year Intern
We are very excited for all of the upcoming APIA month events [the calendar for which I am designing!]. I will keep you updated on everything SAO-related this semester. But, until next time, stay safe my followers.
Peace, Shawn Kim

One thought on “Spring 2012 Board Members”

  1. Hello Swarthmore Asian Organization,

    Paul ‘PK’ Kim, a comedian based in Los Angeles, will be performing at Lehigh University on Saturday, April 7th. He wants to see if any other colleges around the area would like to book him for a show. Please email me if this is what something SAO would like to do/want more information!

    Judy Lei
    College Booking Manager

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