APIA Events in a Nutshell (Part 1)

In the past few weeks, we have had an amazing array of performers, speakers, and events for the Swarthmore community! Here is a quick recap on some of the events:

Sharples Takeover
To kick off APIA Month, SAO and Deshi organized a Sharples takeover in which both organizations volunteers and served a variety Asian food to students. It was a great success with many students asking about APIA month and the events coming up. Great thanks to all the SAO and Deshi members as well as the Sharples workers who helped out with the event!

Floyd Mori Lecture – Japanese Internment and Unlawful Detainment
Floyd Mori is the executive director of the Japanese americans Citizens League (JACL). Along with Hiro Nishikawa, JACL member, they talked about Japanese Internment and how those lessons learned are revevant to today’s world.

Vikki Law: The Struggle of Incarcerated Women of Color
Victoria Law is a writer, photographer and mother. After a brief stint as a teenage armed robber, she
became involved in prisoner support. In 1996, she helped start Books Through Bars-New York City,
a group that sends free books to prisoners nationwide. In 2000, she began concentrating on the needs
and actions of women in prison, drawing attention to their issues by writing articles and giving public
presentations. Since 2002, she has worked with women incarcerated nationwide to produce Tenacious: Art
and Writings from Women in Prison and has facilitated having incarcerated women’s writings published in
larger publications, such as Clamor magazine, the website “Women and Prison: A Site for Resistance” and
the upcoming anthology Interrupted Lives.

Joint Meeting – SAO & SQU: Queers in Asia/Asian Culture
This was a great meeting in which members of both the Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) and SAO joined together to discuss Queers in Asia/Asian Culture. Questions such as “How do different cultures define a family?” and “How are Asian queers represented in media, both in Asia and America?” were discussed.

APIA Quizzo
Results from Quizzo:
Team Swag (Also known as the team with Judy on it) won with 22/25 questions right
Team Judy Diep (formerly known as Team Steven Gu) came in second with 20/25 questions right

The questions every team got right were:
You usually get this with your Chinese takeout. Which is ironic, because it is an entirely American invention. (Fortune Cookie)
This country carries out the most gender reassignment surgeries in the world.  (Thailand)
When its belly is full, it becomes too lethargic to even lift a finger, so it is safe to bounce on its belly. (Snorlax)
When it thinks of its dead mother, it cries. Its crying makes the skull it wears rattle hollowly (Cubone)

The questions with the fewest correct answers:
This country has the third largest standing army in the world. (India). Only Team Powerade got this one right!
It is nocturnal in nature. If it spots something shiny, its eyes glitter brightly. (Meowth). Only Team Firebird got this one right!
When at an all-out gallop, its blazing mane sparkles, enhancing its beautiful appearance. (Rapidash). Only Team Swag got this right!

I.aM.mE Moon Hip-hop Workshop/Reception
Di “Moon” Zhang is a celebrated hip hop dancer of I.aM.mE dance crew who many know as champions of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew’s last season. As head choreographer for hte group, he created routines and images that skyrocketed I.aM.mE’s popularity and made them arguably the most popular newcomer of the year. He came to Swarthmore to teach a hip hop workshop.
Here are two videos of the choreography that Moon taught at the workshop:
Video #1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaoapTDHp7Y&feature=youtu.be&a
Video #2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLacor_HyAw&feature=youtu.be&a

A Conversation with Hettienne Park
Hettienne Park – a Korean American actress currently starring in Theresa Rebeck’s Seminar, a Broadway play also featuring Alan Rickman. She has also appeared opposite Charlize Theron in the critically acclaimed film Young Adult, directed by Jason Reitman. Ms. Park will talk about being an APIA woman pursuing theater as a career and the challenges she has faced in the process. To read more about how the event went and the insight that students received from the conversation, read The Phoenix article on the event: http://www.swarthmorephoenix.com/2012/03/29/living/broadway-star-imparts-her-stories-of-family-identity-acting

Joint Meeting – Enlace, Deshi, SAO: Language
We talked about our relationships to our languages, and how they affect us culturally. It was a great turn out in which we found the links and similarities between the three IC groups on the topic of languages and how we can all overcome its difficulties.

APIA Month Kitao Gallery
The Kitao Gallery featured several student artists’ works, ranging from sculptures to photography. Thank you to all the student artists who displayed their artwork: Alex Anderson, Miyuki Baker, Soomin Kim, Michelle Lin, Sayaka Merriam, Chris Moyer, and Fanny Zhao!

Asian Magic Food Cart
A magical shopping cart roamed around Swarthmore College supplying Asian snacks in celebration of APIA month to all those who could find it… Ramen, Pocky, Candy, and more. Check out pictures from the event here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.267582379994600.65495.262154403870731&type=3

APIA Month Concert and Workshop with Andrew Huang
Youtube artist Andrew Huang came to perform at Swarthmore! His music ranges from love to songs about gravy and toast. In addition, there were several amazing student performers!

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