APIA Month 2013 is here!!!


Hello Friends! I understand that I have been led astray from the blogging life for this past month so let’s just have a little conversation to catch up:


“So, how have you been this past month?

“Great! And how was Spring Break? Do anything fun?

“Mmm, I see. Very cool, very cool.”


Alright enough of that. What’s up everyone, on behalf of SAO and Swarthmore I would like to announce that APIA Month 2013, that month where we put OUR best feet forward and plan some awesome events for YOU, the Swarthmore community, has finally begun! Well, technically it started a week-and-a-half ago…but it’s never too late to welcome in the month, in my humble opinion.

Let’s have a gander at the calendar (crafted by yours truly), shall we?

APIA month calendar 2013 FINALE

SAO and other APIA groups on campus have some kickin’ events planned for the upcoming month, so we hope that every single one of you can come out and enjoy! Don’t tell me you’re not excited.

And of course, if you aren’t already (for shame!), check out our Twitter and Facebook pages. You can always find the latest updates on what’s happening with us there.


With that, I bid thee farewell. Until next time,




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