Magical Asian Food Cart & Kero One

Hi friends!

It seems like we’re halfway through APIA month — hope you’ve been able to check out an event or two! And if you haven’t …….well there a still some great events that you can check out in the next few weeks!

Okay, so I just wanted to talk a bit about the last week in events. I had a fun Thursday (4/11) and Friday (4/12) and I hope you did too because last week we had two great events back-to-back: the Magical Asian Food Cart, and of course our APIA month concert w/ Kero One!


~*Magical Asian Food Cart*~

Somewhere, there lives a magical food cart that is said to roam around campus once a year during APIA month to give out snacks…but not just to anyone. To appease its sphinx-like tendencies, one must know the latest APIA factoid that it (or Michelle) tweeted. Your reward…this:


Yes. All those Hello Pandas, Choco Pies, and of course Pocky… glorious. Unfortunately, after a night of wheeling around so much food, the cart was exhausted and has said its goodbyes until next APIA month. A good number of you managed to catch it (especially at our first and last stops!) and if you were one of them, s/o to you – you’re awesome! Hopefully you had as much fun chasing the cart as we did running away from everyone.


~*APIA Month Concert 2013- Kero One*~

Friday (4/12) was pretty darn exciting — it was our annual concert, and this year we invited Korean American rapper and producer Kero One from the Bay Area, along with one of his singers, Suhn. The event started around 10pm in our favorite Olde Club with three student groups performing: Fatimah Hameed and Lauren Lee, Yenny Cheung and Daniel Paz, and Paolo Debuque and Jeffrey Moore. I even made a cameo c: and I just wanted to say “Great Job!!” to our three student performances – keep doin’ what you do.

Then, the main event: Kero One appears on stage, along with his certainly charismatic singer, Suhn! If you came, I hope you stuck it out – Kero’s beats were a real treat. If you haven’t heard any of Kero One’s songs, here’s a pretty good one: (Youtube) What Am I Supposed To Do? ft. Suhn I definitely enjoyed it, and I don’t usually enjoy things…j/k, but honestly it was pretty darn good. In fact, I’m listening to some of his stuff right now ~ ♫


For anyone who came despite the pouring rain, thanks a bunch! I hope you had a good time (: and of course, s/o to Oscar Chen for doing an awesome-possum job bringing Kero One out here – everyone pat him on the back for me, will ya?

There are two weeks left in APIA month here at Swat — make sure you check out our calendar for the lowdown on all the events. We still have some great ones coming up, so don’t get all tuckered out just yet — the semester’s almost over! GET PUMPED~


Smell ya later,


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