Elections, SBI’s, and your new board!


If a picture is really worth a thousand words, then I hope this makes up for this blog post being so short. Looking forward to a great semester with y’all!


Hello once again!

It’s been a LONG TIME since we’ve updated this page! Didja miss us? Some quick updates to share – we have a new board!

Board elections have come and gone, new SBI’s have been chosen, and so we have many faces (some new, some old) this semester! So please give a warm welcome (and maybe even a good luck ;D ) to our newest board members, and our new SBI’s!

Secretary – Daniel Lai ’17

Treasurer – Bryan Lin ’17

Social Chair – Jimmy Tobgyel ’17

Political Chair – Meiri Anto ’16

Publicity Chair – Jessica Chen ’17

Intergroup Liaison – Shawn Pan ’17

SAO Board Interns (SBI’s) – Matthew Chen ’17, Tina Zhu ’17, Delfin Buyco ’17

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