“A new year..brings new faces!”

[pub chair’s note: This post has been shamelessly derived from Oscar’s email and headlined with a lovely gem of a photo from the 2013 archives; stay tuned for an official *new* board update with pictures, bios, and more!]
You might be thinking something along the lines of…
… what’s this notification doing in my inbox over break??
… can’t these SAO emails give it a rest?
… do the people who write them have any semblance of a life?
BUT I bring news:
Co-Presidents: Bryan Lin ’17, Daniel Lai ’17
Secretary: Kevin Lai ’18
Treasurer: Alice Liu ’18
Intergroup Liaison: Matthew Chen ’17
Social Chair: Leon Chen ’18
Co-Publicity Chairs: Ellen Liu ’18, Li Tian ’18

Congratulations to our Spring 2015  board members!

Ah what fresh faces and youthful enthusiasm ~~ reminds me of my younger days… =)

But for us presidents, it’s now time to say goodbye (seeing as we’ve now been shooed off our perch by two rightful  challengers!). There’s too much to say and look back upon in just one email, so we’ll keep this short.

It’s been a wonderful ride serving this community, right from the beginning. Working with all the boards that have popped up over the years, we couldn’t have asked for any better; it’s been such a gift to work, laugh, become friends with and grow with so many of you all.

Now, we can step aside, take a deep breath, and do what everyone seems to be doing these days and reflect on a quite incredible 2014. Then, it’s time for us to be just as excited as everyone else for a stellar new board to take the reigns for the coming years!

For the last time:
~ Alpha and Oscar

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