seeking SAO board interns!!

Hope that everyone had a lovely and restful winter vacation and that your first week back wasn’t TOO stressful. Anyway, fall semester has come and gone and spring semester is in full swing, so that means…
We’re recruiting for our SAO Board Intern program!
Excited Gif
“10 out of 10, would SBI again! 👍” – Tina Z., a 2013 SAO Board Intern
Ever wonder what your co-presidents talk about? Want to work with awesome people? Now’s your chance! SAO Board Interns, or SBIs, participate as members of the board during a semester by attending weekly meetings, helping plan events, and learning about the inner-workings of SAO. In addition, you’ll make new friends and have fun! As board members, we’ll all be here to guide you.
To apply, we ask you to complete a short application form and send it to Dan Lai at by 11:59pm on Saturday, January 31st. Late applications won’t be accepted, so get started on those now! 😉

Download the SBI Spring 2015 Application

For more information about the SBI program, please contact Dan Lai (dlai2) or Bryan Lin (blin1).
Best wishes from your co-pub chair,
~(‐^▽^‐)E l l e n  L

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