Our new SBIs are here! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶~ //&& new bios

Hi friends, I hope the first few weeks of the semester have been treating you well. Can you believe there’s only three more weeks till spring break? That means that we’re about a quarter of the way done with our semester ~

Anyway, I’d just like to congratulate our lovely new SAO board interns: Sonya Chen, Dominic Sonkowsky, and Emily Cai!!


*applause applause applause*

If you don’t know them yet, now’s your chance to say hello, but here’s a glance at just how awesome they are…

Sonya Chen ’18

Hi everyone! I’m Sonya, a SAO board intern. I currently live in Hong Kong, though I’ve also lived in NJ and MA, so figuring out where I’m “from” gets complicated. I’m a prospective Political Science and Math major though I’m still in the process of exploring! Besides SAO, I work for the Daily Gazette, walk backwards around campus (giving tours), and play squash. I also spend a lot of time trying to reconcile being healthy with my love for dessert and Asian snacks.

Emily Cai ’18

Hello there! My name is Emily, and I’m super excited to be a SAO Board Intern this spring semester. I am a freshman who is currently interested in majoring in engineering. I was born and raised in Edison, New Jersey (Central Jersey — it’s a thing), but I like traveling a lot. During my time as a SBI, I look forward to working with the board, learning about how to host and create events, and just becoming more aware about issues around the world and on campus. I enjoy long walks on the beach and the summer wind whistling through my hair… Actually, I just enjoy simple things. Other than being a SBI, I’m on the women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team and I’m a happy van driver for the Sunday Target shuttle (if you’re ever bored on a Sunday night, hop on the target shuttle and listen to good music with me!). I really love the cold, and winter, and snowboarding, and skiing, and snow… I think you get it. I also really enjoy watching and talking about movies! Talk to me if you need anything/want to be my friend/chat! Side note: ELLEN LIU IS MY ROOMMATE. #ROOMIELOVE

Dominic Sonkowsky ’18

Hey everyone! I’m Dominic Sonkowsky, a first-year SAO board intern from San Jose, California pursuing maybe an economics major and maybe something else too. Racially, I identify as half-Asian (half-white), and ethnically as Chinese/Asian-American.  Aside from SAO, I’m part of Project Pengyou, which seeks to improve understanding between the US and China, partially through encouraging Americans to study abroad in China. In my spare time I might be seeking out pretentiously-unknown tracks on Spotify, watching my YouTube favorite: Cooking with Dog, catching up on the news, or (if I’m home) painting, probably with oils on canvas.

Aren’t they just great? We also have board members who haven’t yet had the chance to introduce themselves either, so take a look at our co-pub chair Li Tian’s and our treasurer Alice Liu’s short bios!

Li Tian ’18 – Co Pub Chair

Hi everyone! I am Li, the co-publicity chair and one of the international voices in SAO. I am a prospective Astrophysics and Art History major. After being in Swarthmore for one semester, I began to be more aware of my cultural identity and became more conscious of its impact on my daily life. I joined SAO wanting to explore this identity with the great community, contributing my skill to foster a better community, and addressing some international issues. As co-publicity chair I will be working with Ellen

Alice Liu ’18 – Treasurer

Hi! I’m Alice Liu and the treasurer for Swat. I’m currently a freshman and a prospective biology or biochemistry major. I became interested in APIA issues when I realized that my new life at Swat didn’t consist of 80% Asians like my old high school did. I love listening and talking to others about Kpop (especially bands like Infinite, Big Bang, or Epik high), Kdramas, architecture, and life in general. I play varsity volleyball, and enjoy consuming and taking pictures of food! Come see me if you want to talk about anything!

And last but not least, say hello to our new spring semester board members, complete with SBIs :’)

Top Row (L to R) – Bryan Lin, Kevin Lai, Dominic Sonkowsky, Alice Liu, Leon Chen, Emily Cai ; Bottom Row (L to R) – Ellen Liu, Sonya Chen, Li Tian, Dan Lai, Matthew Chen

Thanks for sticking with me through this post; I know it was a little long, but it was worth it, right? 😀 Have a lovely rest of your day/afternoon/evening, and look forward to the next post where we will be announcing our plans for upcoming events and APIA month!!

With the warmest of hugs from your co-pub chair,

(⌒‿⌒) Ellen Liu •*¨*•.¸¸♪

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