January and February were long and arduous for many, but hopefully we’re all well rested and ready to face the next two months with much o p t i m i s m and e x c i t e m e n t, because APIA MONTH IS HERE!!! And what better way to kick these next few weeks off with SAO’s annual

A S I A N ~ F O O D ~ C A R T ?!

What is that , you may ask?

It’s when a magical cart comes wandering around campus to supply FREE ASIAN SNACKS (and an APIA Month calendar of events :D) to any and all hungry college students who can find it! This year, we’ll be cruising along

THIS TUESDAY NIGHT, 3/17 @ 7:30-9:00pm!

We’ll have pocky, choco pies, shrimp crackers, koala crackers, and much much more ~
LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss where we’ll be at various times throughout the night! We’ll be live tweeting as we wander around campus. Don’t miss your chance to take a study break and enjoy some yummy snacks 🙂
With undying love from your co-pub chair, 
~(‐^▽^‐) E l l e n L

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