APIA 15 MONTH Recap: 3/22 Paces Takeover!

Hi everyone! I hope you guys are all hanging in there. It’s hard to believe we’re 10 weeks into the semester. Like, where did all the time go?? Anyways, back to the subject.


Thanks for coming to our Paces Takeover last week! The turnout was simply amazing. After all, who doesn’t want Banh Mi, Green Tea milkshakes and cream puffIMG_8998s, and sushi?


Of everybody I asked, there have been mixed reviews in terms of the food, but I can tell you that many people were satisfied, even if it did take an hour to get your food. I guess you could say it was worth it right? Aside from the food, shoutout to the people who made the playlist! The Chinese Music, Japanese Music, and K-pop (good call on Run Devil Run Michelle…) definitely hit the spot.


This takeover would not be possible without the people who showed up. In an effort to make the Paces Takeover better or help us come up with fresh new ideas for another menu, speak your peace on this form:


Keep a look out for more blogs about our events! See you LAIter everybody! Until next time.

-Your faithful secretary, KLai

P.S. More pictures from the event!


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