Spring/Fall 2013 Board

Spring 2013
Spring 2013
Fall 2013
Fall 2013

Co-Presidents: Allison King ’15, Wenli Xu ’15

Secretary: Dorothy Kim ’15

Treasurer: Awjin Ahn ’15

Co-Intergroup Liaisons: Winnie Vien ’16 (Fall), Alpha Chau ’16 (Spring)

Co-Social Chairs:  Steven Gu ’15 (Spring), Michelle Yang ’15 (Spring), Oscar Chen ’16 (Fall), Patrick Han ’16 (Fall)

Co-Publicity Chairs: Karl Sadueste ’15 (Spring), Wani Qiu ’16, Yenny Cheung (Fall)

Political Chair: Eric Oh (Spring), Meiri Anto ’15 (Fall)

Spring SBI’s: Meiri Anto ’15, Yenny Cheung ’16, Winnie Vien ’16

Fall SBI’s: June Lee ’17, Daniel Lai ’17, Bryan Lin ’17, Jigme Tobgyel ’17


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