Past Events


  • events to come soon!


  • December 4: [Teahouse] Ferguson Reflection – An API/A community conversation and reflection on the series of events surrounding Ferguson and the grand jury’s decision to not indict Darren Wilson. Topics covered include the history of anti-black police violence, the shooting itself, the grand jury decision, the protests/riots/looting, and how Ferguson and similar occurrences affect the API/A community.
  • November 21: [Workshop] Breaking Ceilings: Navigating Corporate Politics -Mr. Vincent Yee spoke about leadership barriers for APIA’s and minorities he has personally faced in the corporate world and offered advice for the workplace.Topics covered include navigating specific professional situations faced by Asian Americans and other minorities and how to continue to grow in one’s own career.
  • October 7: [Teahouse] What’s your type? APIAs and Hook Up Culture -Discussed whether or not it’s okay to have preferences as well as sharing our experiences with hook up culture on campus and online (tinder/grindr/and OK Cupid). Is being APIA a swipe right…or a swipe left? And of course, is yellow fever really a thing?
  • September 25: [Teahouse] HOME: Do I Belong? APIA’s, Race, and Ferguson – As people from across the Asian diaspora (Asian-American, international Asian, South Asian, East Asian, Southeast Asian, and everywhere else), where do we place our identity? What is it like to not feel at home where you come from? Given the events in Ferguson and elsewhere, how can we as API/A’s relate and empathize with the racial conflicts around us in America?

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