APIA Blogs

Here is a list of some of the blogs that we’ve found out there on the inter webs that address issues of race, social justice, identity, etc. We’ve quoted a part of each blog’s website to give you a glimpse at what kind of writing you might see in each.

8Asians – “8Asians is a collaborative online publication that features original, diverse commentary by Asians from around the world on issues that affect our community. We’ll be posting about whatever Asian issues are currently relevant in our lives, whether it be pop culture or current events or politics.”

Alpha Asian – “I think over time, I started focusing more on Asian American men and the issues that we sort of have. I think with Asian Americans and Asian American men, it’s not an issue about civil rights, because we have civil rights and everyone has equal rights under the law. But I think in this post-civil rights era, it’s kind of about respect. And I think that with Asian American men and with Asian Americans in general, we don’t get as much respect, and this partly contributes to the lack of self-esteem or body images for many Asian Americans.”

Angry Asian Man – “I’m not trying to incite riot, and definitely not trying to win anyone over. This website is not intended to be any kind of reputable source for academic research, news reporting or political influence. It’s just me, a regular Asian American guy, writing about a few things that I find particularly noteworthy or interesting. More than anything, a place to express myself and work it all out. You’ll notice a large part of this site deals with Asians in pop culture and entertainment.”

Asian-Nation – “I want to directly educate people about the Asian American experience myself instead of having them rely on distorted portrayals and ignorant stereotypes. Throughout my life, I frequently been one of the few Asians around and in that position, having to be a “spokesperson” for the entire Asian American community and educating people a little bit at a time until they ‘get it.’ So I figured, why not create a resource where I can do just that to lots of people at once?”

Hyphen Magazine – “The magazine wouldn’t flinch at covering serious issues, but also wouldn’t take itself too seriously. It would cover Asian Americans in Texas, Kansas and Minnesota, not just the critical mass living in California and New York. It would feature emerging artists, thinkers and doers, not only the few established Asian Americans who’d gotten mainstream approval. It would be a magazine that looked beyond identity — we’d explore cultural issues while tackling what is Asian American by accident, by tangent or by happenstance.”

Open City – “Open City is our new online magazine that takes the real-time pulse of metropolitan Asian America as it’s being lived on the streets of New York right now. We tell the stories of the Asian and immigrant neighborhoods that comprise one million New Yorkers and 13 percent of the city, but that rarely find their way to mainstream media.”




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