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New Board Members && Bios! (≡^∇^≡)

Hi friends! Hoping these first few weeks of the fall semester have been bearable…only a few more days until fall break! 🙂

Please give a warm welcome to some new members of board:

Our SBIs are Aaron Kang, Letitia Ho, Shuang Guan, DJ Chan, and Kyle Vu (class of 2019).

Our new intergroup liaison is Lesia Liao (class of 2018). Welcome aboard!

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Aaron Kang ’19

Hi, my name is Aaron Kang and I’m a Korean-American first-year from Southern California. I plan to pursue a career in computer science and possibly statistics or political science as well. Some of the things I like to do include watching “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, performing African Dance, and hanging out with my friends in Philly. At Swarthmore, I am involved with Han Club and Model United Nations, and one of the many issues I wish to emphasize is the refugee situation alongside the North Korean/Chinese border.

Letitia Ho ’19

Hey! I’m Letitia, but you can call me Letty. I’m from Hong Kong and super undecided on my major. I mainly studied Natural Sciences in high school but have so far been really enjoying my Humanities and Social Sciences classes. I also like art, I’ve been painting and doing graphic design for a few years now. In addition to being a part of SAO, I’m also currently a part of the Daily Gazette and am a War Mom! In my free time I like scrolling through Reddit, Playing Minecraft, watching CGPGrey or Minute Earth, and watching anime. I’m a big fan of the webcomics XKCD and SMBC. I spent my summer climbing waterfalls and working at McDonald’s.

Shuang Guan ’19

Hi everyone! I’m Shuang, a freshman SBI! I’m excited to be part of SAO and help plan engaging events and projects within the Swarthmore community and with the larger APIA community in Philadelphia. I’m interested in studying math or physics, but who knows what’ll happen in a year. In addition to SAO, I’m involved in Swarthmore Chinese Society, Dare2Soar and CACDC tutoring, and LPAC ushering. You’ll find me trying to understand a math colloquium on Tuesday afternoons and kickboxing Saturday mornings.

DJ Chan ’19

Hi! My name is DJ and it stands for David Jr. I’m from Daly City, CA, which is right under San Francisco. I am currently not sure what I want to major in. In SAO, I hope to learn more about issues in the APIA community and how the club organizes its events. Apart from SAO, I write for the Daily Gazette, and I am apart of Solis, Quest, and TopSoccer. I watch a lot of TV, probably more than I should. My favorite shows are Lost, Pushing Daisies, American Horror Story, The Americans, Scandal, Orphan Black, Downton Abbey, Veep, Game of Thrones, and Orange is the New Black. My other hobbies are swimming and traveling.

Kyle Vu ’19

Hello! My name is Kyle Vu. I am a freshman SBI from Reading, Pennsylvania. I haven’t declared a major yet and probably will not do so for a while. I love to listen to music and play my ukulele. Do not ask me to play “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” I’ve not yet unlocked that skill. In my free time, I like to take in a quality comedy on Netflix or play Hearthstone (my name on it is billclinton- add me). Most importantly, I enjoy eating Chobani and peanut butter (not simultaneously).

Lesia Liao ’18

Lesia is a prospective neuroscience major ’18 from Wilmington, Delaware who talks about herself in the third person – what a snob. She spends her time at Swat searching for in-tune pianos, running social media for the Daily Gazette, crying over CS labs, being a Science Associate (SA) for Bio 1, and dreaming of Bryn Mawr dinners. In her spare time, she enjoys surfing – both on and offline, feeding her Sheltie peanut butter, and entertaining the masses with her painful puns. She is a big fan of oxford commas and requests that people follow her online and sometimes in real life. Lesia is the Intergroup Liasion for SAO and reaches out to work with the other groups on and off campus to plan and organize events.

…And here’s the new board of Fall 2015!