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Pack your bags!

'The Simpsons' is always relevant

Hi, I’m not Troy McClure, so you may not remember me from anything.  SAO here, just dropping in and saying hello.  Hello.  I am also here to provide you with new information!

+  LilSib/BigSib information have all been sent out and hopefully y’all young folks have been contacted by the BigSibs.  If not, please let us know.

+  Here at SAO, we like to be on the cutting edge of the technological knife rather than the edge being cut on the cheese wheel of life, therefore we have a Twitter account!  YAY US!  You can find our most current tweets on the right hand side and the links to the accounts of some of our members.

+  Lastly, good luck packing and safe travels to all!   Stop by and see us, WE HAVE CANDY.

-<3  SAO